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Work from Home & Mobility Solutions with Lenovo

Thank you for joining our Work from Home & Mobility Solutions with Lenovo briefing to learn about Lenovo’s industry leading solutions from our team of experts.


We know mobility and work from home options have become more important than ever, and we want to make sure you have  all the information you need to help make decisions for your company. We hope to make this session interactive and informative – we look forward to connecting with you!


Please watch the video below, then click here to join the meeting.

Briefing Agenda

Alli Heeter


Stephen Miller

Lenovo WFH/Mobility Solutions Strategy

Jimmy Smith

ThinkVision Mobility


Devan Thaggard

Mobility Options & Accessories 

Westee Taylor Jinkens

ThinkPad Mobility  

Alli Heeter

Closing Remarks

If you have any issues logging into the meeting please contact us below:

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